What’s so great about local flowers?

Most flowers you find for sale in America have been imported from overseas. These flowers are typically sprayed with many pesticides, and you carry that pesticide residue into your home. The flowers are also dehydrated, exhausted, and not fresh, due to all of their travels. With local flowers, you get blooms that are cut to order, so they are super fresh, and many local farmers use more organic farming methods. Here, at Rosavieve, we do not use any pesticides at all, not even organic ones, opting instead to focusing on the health of our ecosystem, which supports our flower production. Speaking of ecosystems, local flowers support pollinators, many of which are in danger, and provide food and habitat for native birds and other animals. Local flowers help us get in touch with nature and live more seasonally, and they beautify our little corner of the world. They reduce our carbon footprint since they don’t have to travel. Local flowers provide more options because many flowers do not import well (like dahlias, for example) so you simply cannot get them unless they’re grown nearby. Finally, shopping local flowers supports the economy right in your community, which benefits everyone (and helps us grow more flowers)!

Where are you located?

We are located in Ellicott City, Maryland, in beautiful Howard County, near highways 100/103. We offer pickup at the farm for your bouquets, event flowers, and CSA!

What is regenerative gardening?

Regenerative gardening focuses on building up healthy soil, and thereby, a healthy ecosystem. When the soil and ecosystem are healthy, pests and disease are naturally kept in check. It certainly takes some time, but gardening in this way produces healthier plants and diminishes the need for chemical interventions, which are a temporary solution that leads to further imbalance. We focus on providing habitat for pollinators, birds, and beneficial insects. Native plants play a key role, and we have them planted throughout the garden. Biodiversity helps to maintain this ecosystem, so we plant a wide variety, rather than rows and rows of the same thing. Cover cropping is another key component in soil health, and we utilize this during the winter season. Regenerative gardening allows us to avoid all pesticides, bringing you healthy and clean flowers!

What products do you offer?

We offer flowers in multiple forms, as well as floral design. You can order a bouquet, a CSA subscription, or a la carte flowers for your events. Look out for workshops throughout the season as well! If you need something special or custom, please reach out at florals@rosavieve.com

How can I contact you?

Please reach out by email, at florals@rosavieve.com.

Where can I purchase your flowers?

You can order certain selections on the website here. You’ll also find us at the Freetown Farm farm stand on Saturday mornings, in Columbia.